The gaming trade is a worthwhile place to support

Did you know that the gaming industry is almost the most monetary and fastest-growing area on the market? In terms of total earning , games have long overtaken the sports and film areas! To be unfounded, here are some figures for the last two years.

All numbers are real and are freely handy on the official SuperData website. It is an American group that follows and examines the video game market. The source of company information is developers, publishers, and payment services.

As you can see, the gaming business produced $108.4 billion in interest in 2020. The mobile segment earned $59.2 billion, PCs $33 billion, and consoles $8.3 billion.

I would like to note that Free-to-Play games handle 80% of all revenue. It is a way of distributing games that allows the people to play without having to deposit money. According to the forecasts of the same experts, the gaming industry will earn twice as much by the end of 2021. explaining this market and the prospects for profit growth, Gleb Sluchevsky realized that this is a very promising area, the profit of which will increase for over one year. So a potential businessman and owner of a large company in Israel had the idea to become an investor in several video games, the release of which is planned for early 2022.

"I noticed firsthand how hard it is to start a business. Once I also worked as a computer developer in a large company, but then I did something of my own. So I got several projects. Now I am successful, I know how to work, how to make the project progress, and make income. I have not only opportunities and power but also money and I am ready to invest this money in the gaming industry.," – says the owner of the company in Israel.

"I am involved in what will happen after the release of this game. What Click here place does the project want to happen in the cultural field, where it wants to be in five, ten years. And I am able to support in the project that will give me the answers." – the investor continues.

The major benefit of the investor is to find projects that want to build long-term franchises and can get over $100 million.

Realizing all the risks and prospects, Gleb invested in several games. Thanks to his willpower and assured power of the project, by the beginning of 2022 we will be able to test two simulator games "Fight the Gig" and "Fight to Kill".

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